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XaaS: create your own adventure

Digital transformation has generated a business environment where nobody wishes to be left behind. In 2019, the expansion of APIs and financial marketplaces, on the strength of open banking, has helped to promote Everything as a Service (XaaS), and infrastructure democratization by association.

Open banking / 18 February 2020
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The conditions imposed by PSD2 on third parties

Under PSD2, all access by third parties to customer personal data, with a view to providing their own services, must not impinge on two key aspects of banking operations: privacy and security. We look at some of the conditions now imposed on TPPs that traditional banking operators were already subject to.

Open banking, PSD2 / 14 January 2020
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What is open banking and why is it important?

Open banking is one of banking's transformation levers. It entails the definitive entry into the sector in the modern era and placing users in the center by giving them control over their data. But what advantages does it have for customers as well as banks and service providers?

Open banking / 10 January 2020
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The regulation that paved the way for the PSD2

PSD2 is the directive with which the European authorities seek to achieve the definitive opening of the European Union's financial and banking sector through the total standardization of services. This is a key standard, but by no means recent, as its first version dates from 2007.

Open banking, PSD2 / 07 January 2020
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Financial inclusion: a challenge for open banking

According to World Bank data, around 2.5 billion people in the world do not use formal financial services and 75% of poor people do not have a bank account. Essential to reduce poverty and promote prosperity (also according to the World Bank), financial inclusion varies greatly. While in Spain anyone can access the simplest bank products, such as a checking account (98% financial inclusion, second only to Germany in the eurozone), only a minority of the population in developing countries has access to these services.


Open banking / 03 January 2020
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