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Automate bank reconciliation tasks

Business Accounts allows you to streamline bank reconciliation processes by directly incorporating information into your internal management system. Use a more efficient channel with simple integration to access information about your bank account activity, with information from the AEB43 records when you need it.

Treasury Management

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A tool to reconcile and streamline

The AEB43 standard normalizes the transmission of statements from checking accounts in Spain. It is used to carry out bank reconciliation from the activity in the bank accounts with which a company operates and its respective information in the ledgers.

With this API, BBVA provides you with the same information that is available to you through the manual download of AEB43 in your BBVA Net Cash companies online banking service, including additional and personalized information.

In practice

  • Integrate your BBVA account information into your internal management system.
  • Access your account information directly in AEB43 format in unaided mode and when you need it.
  • Include additional fields of specific interest to your business.

What it offers

Advantages of the Business Accounts API

A direct and easy way to access financial information

Automatically integrate your BBVA accounts’ statements in AEB43 format into your company’s systems and access this information directly in unaided mode. We provide you with the same information that is available to you in your own environment through the manual download of AEB43.

More efficient and up-to-date cash-flow management

Knowing the actual status of your accounts will allow you to make real-time decisions based on that data, without waiting and thus increasing the efficiency of your business. You will be able to see your banking activity in AEB43 format and keep your cash flow updated and cross-checked against your actual banking status, at the exact time you need it.

Cross-check your cash-flow information in real time

Identify which payments you have taken care of and which are pending, such as taxes or payroll. The result of your collections, too. Thanks to its simplicity and adaptability, this API helps you keep your cash flow in line with the reality of your company’s accounts, facilitating bank reconciliation.

Services at a glance

The Business Accounts API offers:

All AEB43 fields in your ERP or internal accounting management system

Features to automatically reconcile your cash flow.

Standard and personalized information

You can tailor the information to the characteristics of your business.

All transactions. All accounts

Nothing is out of your reach.

How does it work?

Business Accounts can be used by companies that have arranged the AEB43 and BBVA Net Cash online banking services.

quote Image

A good financial decision is based on up-to-date information at the right time. Business Accounts ensures that your cash-flow system gives you accurate data to work with.

Ana Climente

Head of Open Banking at BBVA Spain

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