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With the BBVA Mortgages API, you can offer your customers the necessary financing to buy a property or obtain liquidity without leaving your digital platform. Easy for them, easy for your company.

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Why include Mortgages in your real estate platform?

Money may not be the most important thing when buying a home…but it almost is.
A buyer’s journey to find the right home is long and hard, as this is an important decision that will change their day-to-day life and that of their family. And then they go to a branch to apply for a mortgage loan. This is no longer the case: by integrating BBVA’s Mortgages API, your sales process can become a simple arrangement they can complete without getting up from their sofa. Your customers will enter your app to find a house and leave with the credit to buy it.

The Mortgages API is also a useful tool for buyers to know important economic information, such as the minimum down payment to buy the property of their choice. In addition, they can simulate different scenarios, and know every detail of their monthly payments.

And when everything fits, they can apply for their loan in a guided, agile and simple process. Done! In a matter of minutes, they can have the authorization for the credit they need.

In practice

  • Integrate it into your property sale platform
  • Add it to your app for simulations
  • Incorporate it into your real estate agency’s operations and offer financing to your customers

What it offers

Advantages of the Mortgages API

Boost your sales

Access to financing is the ultimate key to buying a home. By incorporating it into your real estate platform naturally and without friction, what used to be a tedious task becomes an incentive for customers to close their purchase.

Offer a complete experience

Having a dream, searching for it, finding it and getting it – all this from one place: your app. Your customers will be able to do this with their home, and the Mortgages API will help them with crucial information in an agile and transparent way. Down payment, fees, associated expenses and repayment schedule will be displayed with just one click.

Boost your digital channels

Being able to simulate financing conditions expands a buyer’s ability to choose and also their satisfaction with the search process. Two good reasons with a medium-term impact on your platform’s customer traffic.

Services at a glance

The Mortgages API allows you to:

Find out about credit options

Showing the interest rate, monthly payment, down payment and term.

Get the repayment schedule

Breakdown of payments until the end of the mortgage.

Get an authorization

Doing a full customer evaluation and obtaining a certificate.

How does it work?

The Mortgages API can be used by any company that completes BBVA’s business validation process successfully and has the ability to integrate it into its digital platform.

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One of the main concerns for prospective home buyers is to have adequate financing at the time of purchase. Mortgages allows you to implement in your own environment everything you need to complete the sales process with a tailored mortgage offer.

Pablo Sadek González

Director Discipline Leader Mortgage Banking

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