Event: Object-oriented design with Ruby

Learn all the secrets of object-oriented design with this innovative tool. Ruby allows us to work much more flexibly and quickly.

30 April 2015
Event: Object-oriented design with Ruby

Summary of the event

Design is one of those words that can mean many things. For this discussion we will use the definition by Sandi Metz in POODR. We will explain what she understands by design, and we will see some concepts from her book.

In order to attend this discussion you don't have to have read POODR before (even though it is recommended, it's an excellent book). If you are just starting with Ruby (or with another object-oriented programming language), this discussion is highly recommended. If you already have experience or have already read POODR, it will help you to review concepts or debate them.

More information in Spanish here.

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30 April 2015


BBVA Innovation Center, Madrid

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BBVA Innovation Center, Madrid More info

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