For the second year, incoruña turn the city into a big stage which parade the success stories in various fields, as well as national and international experts trainers. Incoruña 2014 will held the third edition of Leadership Forum Galicia, the II Meeting of Electronic Commerce and the Second National Training Conference. In addition, it will host a fashion fleamarket and other decor meeting (Degustta incoruña) and a networking dinner..

03 June 2014

Summary of the event

In Inocoruña 2014 we celebrate the third edition of the Leadership Forum Galicia, the II Meeting of e-commerce and the II National training Congress. Furthermore, our city, will host a fashion and a Interior desing fleamarket, the "degustta incoruña", and a networking dinner.

Incoruña 2014 is supported by more than hundred city companies. Also, hotels, restaurants and other local bussines will ofer special discounts to the asistants.

La Coruña, will become a touristic atraction center powered by an activities agenda that won't make anybody feel upset. Incoruña has become an obligatory date where our city shows his educative and commercial diversity.

Incoruña is an event for everybody, even there is an specific target for each acticity. People interested in overcome barriers, entrepreneurs, directors, self-employed people, people oriented in personal development, sales team managers, students... all of them will find their place in incoruña.

This year we will focus on how to teach and train children and young people with an entrepreuneur and overcoming barriers attitude.


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03 June 2014



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