InnovaChallenge Data Week

13 April 2015
InnovaChallenge Data Week

Summary of the event

Exhibition (13 to 17 of April):

During the whole week we will have an open house exhibition in which visitors can experiment with products / applications based on data processing. 

Do you want to attend to an interactive data visualization of transaction flows in different metropolitan areas? Do you want to find out the best place to live according to your profile? And what about the best place for enterpreneurs to launch a start-up? How are tweets during Superbowl? In #ICdataweek you will find data visualizations about finance, leisure, work, home and more! 

In addition, throughout April, you will have available in our website different webinars given by leading figures in Big Data.

More information in Spanish here

BBVA Innovation Center, Madrid.


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13 April 2015


Centro de Innovación BBVA, Madrid

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Place of the event

Centro de Innovación BBVA, Madrid More info

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