Launch Event InnovaChallenge MX

22 October 2014
Launch Event InnovaChallenge MX

Summary of the event

The first edition of InnovaChallenge was a milestone because it was the first time that a bank had opened actual business data. The API of InnovaChallenge MX includes a dataset with dissociated irreversible data and with the sufficient level of aggregation so that individual people or businesses cannot be distinguished.

InnovaChallenge is split into 2 categories, each with three awards. In all, the competition distributes 60,000€ in awards (a first prize of 15,000€, a second prize of 10,000€ and a third prize of 5,000€ for each of the two categories).

In addition, InnovaChallenge MX includes several webinars and events of interest to developers, data journalists and any professional interested in Big Data and data visualization, headed by professional experts in the field, as well as a wide range of associated content to help contestants via our website

Octubre 22, 2014 at 6:30p.m. in the Innovation Center BBVA (Pl. de Santa Bárbara, 2 en Madrid)


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22 October 2014


Plaza de Santa Barbara, 2 Madrid

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Plaza de Santa Barbara, 2 Madrid More info

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