Open Banking Bilbao

Open Banking Bilbao is a conference that comes within the domain of open banking, Fintech and Cybersecurity.

20 June 2018
Open Banking Bilbao

Summary of the event

The banking sector is changing and there is an opportunity to lead the world of open innovation in the financial sector. The sector needs to open up and innovate and offer better products and services to its customers while developing new revenue flows. Since January 2018, the European Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) has been in force in the financial sector. The aim of the new regulation is to provide better protection for consumers when they make payments and to promote the development and development and use of innovative forms of payment online and with mobile devices. This conference is an opportunity to get to know what opening banking is. the PSD2 directive and how to drive an open banking strategy, as well as learning from success stories from the United Kingdom, the world leader in open banking.

The head of BBVA's Business APIs, Ricardo Segoviano Aceituno, will present one of the success stories of the day: open banking through BBVA API_Market products.


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20 June 2018


AUDITORIO TORRE IBERDROLA Euskadi Plaza, 5 48009 Bilbao


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Place of the event

AUDITORIO TORRE IBERDROLA Euskadi Plaza, 5 48009 Bilbao Bilbao More info