SmartMILE 2013

11 December 2013
SmartMILE 2013

Summary of the event

The International Conference SmartMILE 2013 (New Concepts in Smart Cities: Fostering Public and Private Alliances) was created as a joint initiative of the CTIC Foundation and the Polytechnic School of Engineering of Gijon (EPI-GIJON) both two institutions from the known as the “Mile of Knowledge” of the city of Gijon.  It starts up with the idea of continuing to foster collaboration between business and universities in the context of research and development of new products and concepts for sustainable and citizen-oriented cities (Smart Cities).

The conference implies a multidisciplinary context although it makes special emphasis on urban energy production and use, urban transport and mobility and urban information and communications technology.

The conference aims at providing a collaboration framework between the university and the companies, to provide high quality research and encourage professional interactions, seeking the advance of science, technology and new products.


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11 December 2013



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