X-Tech 2019: Financial Services and Technology Convention

X-Tech 2019 Convention will take place in Las Vegas, April 2-3. It will join 500+ industry experts at this leading 2019 financial services and technology.

02 April 2019
Las Vegas, USA
X-Tech 2019: Financial Services and Technology Convention

Summary of the event

Financial services are changing rapidly, technology is moving faster than ever before and looking to change the face of banking as we know it. Consumers seek a more digital, yet secure, banking experience. With business models and product offerings advancing so quickly, how do traditional banks keep up? Many are turning to FinTech companies to utilize their services.

It is as a result of this rapid change and innovation across the industry that we are bringing together practitioners, FinTech companies, regulators, investors, venture capitalists and academics to not only provide insight on the technology available, but real-life use cases and how these advances can be implemented internally. The Convention is an excellent educational and networking opportunity to discover the future of financial services and the advances in innovative technology.


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02 April 2019