About us

BBVA API_Market offers you access to BBVA’s open banking solutions and APIs, along with the information and tools you need to implement them effortlessly in your company.

Our offering responds to your business needs while providing the corresponding technical specifications to ensure you feel supported at all times. It includes an extensive range of APIs and a platform offering easy access, as well as full documentation, information, examples and capabilites that help speed up the integration process.

All this backed by the experience of a global bank, recognized as the most innovative bank in the world in 2020, and one of the pioneers in its commitment to APIs and open banking.

We want to build the future of finance with you

Technology has generated a new need for digitalization in all sectors, while at the same time creating opportunities and new scenarios for partnership.

We want you to take advantage of them and accelerate the digital transformation of your company:

  • Generating new business models based on innovative products and services.
  • Creating global and local alliances providing added value through APIs.
  • Offering an enhanced digital experience to your customers through services wherever and whenever they need them.

Innovation, the real trigger of transformation

Open banking has led to a greater openness of banking infrastructures and services, allowing new players to integrate and develop new channels and business models in collaboration with BBVA.

Turn your ideas into value solutions by which to renew your processes, revolutionize the user experience and open the door to new markets and forms of collaboration by integrating BBVA financial services into your company.

A cross-industry, versatile offering for any business

The BBVA API_Market solution has been developed with one purpose in mind: to ensure that any business that wants to implement the advantages of open banking can do so with ease, security and efficiency, regardless of its sector.

It is a global and open solution that allows you to find the best answer for each need, by combining a variety of technological tools and functionalities with your company’s products and services. This means you can optimize and expand them while improving your customers’ experience.

A collaboration and partnership that can benefit everyone

BBVA API_ Market was created with the aim of opening up new opportunities for collaboration in order to create shared ecosystems and solutions that address the needs of our clients and partners.

In these new digital scenarios, we are forging strategic alliances with a clear mission: to offer value and a unique experience to our clients through services and products that are perfectly adapted to each profile.

Technology: a bridge to generating value

APIs are the perfect technological tool to build partnerships with third parties because they create agile and efficient connections in a secure environment while relying on practical and detailed documentation that make their implementation simple.

They are a way for any business to integrate open banking into its model and offer its products and services with security, assurance and agility. APIs make BBVA’s capabilities available so that your company can build new services on them.

More efficient, agile and secure processes in real-time

The use of APIs allows us to offer different types of solutions for each need, all of them with uniform, immediate and efficient standards and processes.

APIs allow us to connect BBVA’s functionalities with those of other companies, streamlining their processes, automating operations, eliminating barriers for clients and making different a variety of products available wherever and whenever they need them.

A frictionless experience that is quick and easy to integrate

BBVA API_Market will allow you to generate a seamless experience for your customers by integrating BBVA financial products into your company quickly and easily.

All our APIs have documentation that facilitates integration into any solution, as well as a testing environment in which to explore their different functionalities.

BBVA API_Market, all the open banking opportunities within your reach.