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Connect your business to BBVA to perform on-demand transactions and access your information in real time.
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Invest time in what really matters

Every day cash departments carry out manual repetitive tasks that are not only time-consuming but often lead to errors, therefore increasing exposure to operational risks.

Our Treasury Management APIs allow real-time access to BBVA services directly from your internal systems, ERPs or other management platforms, improving efficiency and freeing up time for more valuable strategic processes.

We give you the information, you create the value for your customers

Up-to-date accounting information is essential for the efficient and agile management of any business. From real-time cash statements to instant payments and collections, the capabilities offered by our Treasury Management APIs provide a broad, practical and reliable overview as well as a significant improvement in the user experience of customers, suppliers and employees: more robust, more convenient, more efficient.

Online, immediate and on demand

This is our Treasury Management system: when you need it, without waiting and with all the security guarantees


Improve visibility and access to your company’s banking information instantly.

Operation and control

Proactively manage cash and control your organization’s liquidity more efficiently by performing transactions directly from your company’s systems.

Automation and optimization

Automate tasks and save time by optimizing cash flows and issuing payments and collections on demand.

Real-time treasury management for more efficient business management

Our Treasury Management APIs will enable you to automate bank reconciliation processes and access instant information about your company’s liquidity positions. Your decisions will be backed by broader, more reliable and more accurate information and you will be able to control all processes without leaving your treasury management platform.

Secure payments and collections, instantly

Make payments and credits to customers and suppliers automatically, saving you time and management costs. Automate tasks that were previously performed manually, reducing risks and eliminating potential human error.

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At the present time, cash-flow management can benefit greatly from the latest developments in open banking, allowing companies to access their banking information and operate in real time directly from their accounting and business management systems. BBVA’s cash-flow APIs provide a new and more efficient communication channel with the bank, which can be integrated into the company’s internal processes.

Ana Climente

Head of Open Banking at BBVA Spain

Treasury Management APIs

BBVA offers you different APIs for Treasury Management. Select the country you are interested in to see the available offer.

card Business Payments


Business Payments

Automatic and on-demand payments and credits

Let your customers collect their payments immediately and automatically from your own platform.

card Business Collections


Business Collections

Speed up CIE deposits

Confirm customer payments in real time through your CIE agreement.

card Reconciliation



Automate bank reconciliation

Streamline bank reconciliation processes by directly incorporating information into your internal management system.

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