PSD2 Regulatory APIs

Here you will find all the APIs designed and managed by BBVA to adapt to the different regulations that are emerging in the countries where BBVA is present, such as the European PSD2 payment directive nowadays.
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Accessible, open and secure information

The European PSD2 payment directive provides for banks to open their payment services to third parties or TPPs (Third Party Providers). This changes the landscape of the banking sector by opening it up to these new actors who are able to access the payment account services of financial institutions.

BBVA provides TPPs with access to their clients’ accounts through these APIs so that they can provide the payment services provided for in the regulations. The consent of customers (companies and individuals) and their prior authentication by the bank are required in all cases and accounts must be accessible online.

Customer focused

These services that BBVA makes available to TPPs following approval of the PSD2 regulation are provided in a completely reliable way, are compliant with strict security protocols and require the customer’s unique and exclusive consent in all instances.

Access to account information and payment initiation will enable TPPs to develop value-added services based on BBVA APIs.

Instant access protected with our regulatory APIs

Regulatory APIs allow you to access the functions you need at all times in a secure environment.

A broader perspective

Getting to know your customers better will allow you to discover their needs and how your services can help them.


Create services fully adapted to the profile of each of your customers so you can provide them with the proposals they need when they need them.

User experience

Improve your interactions with customers by offering them a fast and useful service, all without leaving your platform.

Your customers’ payment accounts information on your own website or app

Your customers will be able to view their payment accounts information globally without leaving your environment: list of accounts, balances, transactions (date, description and amount) and account holders. And you will be able to build a value proposition of your product that fits your circumstances at all times.

Secure and intuitive payment management

The Regulatory APIs solution provides you with everything you need to allow your customers to initiate payments on your solution easily and securely.

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The European PSD2 regulation has marked a before and after in the open banking scenario. The APIs developed by BBVA to meet its requirements are the perfect instrument for any company that wants to go one step further implementing secure, reliable and efficient functionalities.

Ana Climente

Head of open banking – BBVA Spain

Regulatory APIs

Designed to adapt to the PSD2 regulations, this solution comprises the following APIs. Change the region to see the APIs for each country.

card Accounts PSD2


Accounts PSD2

Harness the full potential of the European payment services directive

Add information from a customer’s different payment accounts and put it all in one place so they can see their overall financial situation at a glance.

card Payments PSD2


Payments PSD2

Complete your solution by including an option for customers to initiate payments

Allow your individual and corporate customers to initiate payments at BBVA from your app or service.

card Funds Confirmation PSD2


Funds Confirmation PSD2

Confirm the availability of funds in an account

As a card issuer, you will know in advance whether your customers’ transactions are feasible and you will always operate within a predictable framework without any nasty surprises.

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