9 presentations to learn about Big Data

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User Experience / 01 June 2015
9 presentations to learn about Big Data
9 presentations to learn about Big Data


Monetizing Big Data: A Case Study

Ron Raffensperger, CTO, Huawei Data Center Solutions

How do I get a return on investment in my Big Data projects? This is perhaps one of the questions that Ron Raffensperger, or any data expert, is most frequently asked.

The Huawei executive therefore cuts straight to the chase in this presentation, using the experience of China Unicom to describe in detail the steps to take to draw up an effective data-based strategy, which can also be monetized. His insights into micromarketing are particularly interesting.

2. Concepts in Predictive Modeling

David Gerster, VP Data Science BigML

Generating predictive models that complement the information available to us is a step beyond simple data analysis and visualization.

In this presentation, David Gerster shows us how to find patterns in data using a very curious example: measurements in flowers.

3. Introduction to Cloud Platform and BigQuery

Sebastien Agnan,  Google Solution Engineer

The Google engineer offers a presentation explaining how BigQuery works and how to perform real-time data analysis on any type of device, cell phones, wearables, sensors…

With tools like these, there can be no more excuses for not using Big Data in your business. As Agnan says, it's “easy, cheap and fast” both in data capture as well as in storing, processing and analyzing the data.

4. Get more from Analytics with Google Big Query

Javier Ramírez,  Datawaki

Javier is a developer expert in this Google tool and, in his presentation, he offers a short tutorial on how to get the most out of data analysis, whether you work with your own data or cross reference with external data.

The presentation also explains what Datawaki is and how to use this tool.

5. Geospatial on the cloud. Analytics and Visualization

Paul Ramsey, CartoDB

When? Where? Paul Ramsey answers both questions in this fascinating presentation full of engaging examples of data visualization. From cases like the Los Angeles Metro through to reactions to a new Beyonce album, Tweets mentioning 'sunrise' in different languages, or homicides in NYC.

This presentation also includes a short tutorial on how to use the CartoDB tool, including a demo.

6. Data & Analytics

Marcelo Soria, BBVA

The challenge: to get involved in disruptive innovation. In this presentation, Marcelo Soria explains how and why we need Big Data in our daily lives.

We live in a world where digital technology can put you out of business, as it is breaking the value chain as we have understood it until now. Data chains are the new value chains. And Marcelo gives us more than one example to prove it.

7. A High-Availability Platform for Large Infrastructure Monitoring at CERN

Matthias Braeger, CERN software engineer

Science also has a place among data, and CERN is proof of that. Do you know how they handle all the data? Matthias tells us in this data-packed presentation including information about this European organization.

And not forgetting the star of CERN, the LHC (Large Hadron Collider), the largest machine in the world, which generated 30PB in 2012, 100PB in all. 

8.Digital Footprint: from data through to product

Francisco González-Blanch,  Madiva

How can businesses take advantage of the digital footprint that we leave? In this visual presentation, Francisco González guides us through the required steps: asking difficult questions, prototyping… in order to convert data into value.

9. Domestic Data Streamers

Pau Garcia, founder of Domestic Data Streamers

Making data more accessible. That is what Pau explains in this presentation through different interactive installations on which he has worked with his company, describing in detail how we can put value back into the information available to us.

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