About BBVA

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19 November 2014
About BBVA
About BBVA


BBVA is a multinational group providing financial services in over 31 countries and to 50 million customers throughout the world. The banking model used by BBVA is based on four pillars that makes us different:

  1. A diversified and balanced portfolio model, in terms of geographies, businesses and customers, being the leader in the franchises where we operate. 
  2. Customer-centric business model, with distribution models that are leaders in efficiency and highly leveraged on innovation and technology. 
  3. Management model characterized by two principles inherent in BBVA: prudence and foresight. 
  4. A governance model based on integrity and transparency, which seeks to generate maximum shareholder value.

The combination of these four pillars generate two sources of competitive advantage: recurrent earnings in any environment and a differential structural strength. 

The Group has a solid leading position in the Spanish market, where it began operating over 150 years ago. It also has leading franchises in South America, it is the main financial institution in Mexico, one of the 15 biggest banks in the United States, where it has a leading franchise in the Sunbelt region. Today BBVA employs over 109,000 people worldwide and has about a million shareholders. 

BBVA defines its vision as a company with an idea: Working for a better future for people. We are working to build lasting relationships with our customers and provide maximum value to both our stakeholders and society at large with projects such as education, social entrepreneurship, research and culture. This is based on maximum levels of integrity and transparency.

BBVA has a strong corporate culture that defines the Group's life, which affects how its acts and allows it to successfully meet future challenges.


BBVA - Open Innovation


BBVA employees, through their daily relations with customers, are the brand's voice and the creators of the 'BBVA Experience'. Beyond the business relationships, of our activity in the financial sector, at BBVA we have a clear vision of working for a better future for people.

To develop this vision we established seven corporate principles that are embodied in commitments to customers, employees, shareholders and society at large and are specified in operational criteria.

The 7 corporate principles are:

  1. The client as the focus of our business. 
  2. Value creation for our shareholders as a result of our activity. 
  3. The team as a key contributor to value creation. 
  4. Management style as a generator of enthusiasm.
  5. Ethical behavior and personal and professional integrity as a way of understanding and developing our business. 
  6. Innovation as a progress lever.
  7. Corporate social responsibility as a commitment to development.

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