APIs as virtual printing presses: news for all

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APIs as virtual printing presses: news for all
APIs as virtual printing presses: news for all


Journalism is the tool that democratic societies have to tell themselves what is happening to them, and for some time now, APIs have been behind the scenes of many of the stories we tell each other. Here we compile some of the most interesting stories that we have found related to the media and the news:

Understanding the world through the facts

Event Registry promises to “use artificial intelligence” to convert “raw” news into “actionable information.” The interesting thing about this API is that it works the metadata associated with the news—which it obtains from more than 30,000 sources—so that given fact X, you can extract the event that caused it, the participants, the place, etc. If a story is composed of the famous five Ws (What, Who, When, Where and Why), this API break it down to go to the W that most interests you. It also provides an online media intelligence platform to graphically visualize query results and to more easily extract patterns. It is a useful product for academic researchers, people who work in Business Intelligence and need to detect trends or monitor their industry in depth, product owners who need to surround their product or service with content, etc.

30,000 drinking sources

News API tracks and indexes news from more than 30,000 sources around the world, including globally renowned media such as BBC News, Bloomberg, Financial Times, The Guardian and The Associated Press news agency (which, by the way, has its own API platform). We also find Spanish media here such as the sports newspaper Marca or the generalist El Mundo. News API allows you to adapt your query schema by country and by category, in which it is possible to create calls—for example— that only return news related to business in Colombia or with health in China. The developer account to start using this API is free and it has two pricing options that vary according to the type of customer service (the most expensive includes phone support) and if your SLA guarantees a 99.95% availability of the API.

We are communicative animals

Social Animal is a content marketing platform aimed at researching and curating external content, as well as identifying influencers by topic. No communications agency can be without this type of tool. The fact is that there are thousands of services like this. What is not so common is that they have decided to open the guts of their machine and offer its machinery to anyone who wants to use it on their own. Social Animal does so by providing an API that promises more than 1 million new articles every day that includes metadata as interesting as each of their social shares and even sentiment analysis for each piece. Prices start at $399 per month for a maximum of 100,000 queries for that period.

Knowing it before is smart

Nuzzel is a friendly porcupine that despite its attributes, promises speed; you should be the first to find out about your industry’s key insights. This media intelligence service is specially designed for work teams because it is easily integrated into the CRM of companies and also into teamwork tools as massive as Slack. Nuzzel tracks more than 100,000 sources each day and automatically produces a daily report exclusively for the user based on their preferences. Like Social Animal, it opens its shell to give us API access to its machinery.

If you don’t like my arguments, I have others

Two-hundred fifty-seven others to be precise, and increasing. This is the number of APIs in the News Services category within that gigantic repository of all the APIs in the world that is the indispensable ProgrammableWeb. We can be almost certain that if it’s not there, it doesn’t exist. And not only APIs, here we will find up to 400 mashups, 140 SDKs (Software Development Kits), 44 examples of code and 395 developers all engaged in creating and adapting services via APIs related to news and content. Its within your reach to start with one of the four that we have highlighted above or delve in this library and explore to find that API that drives your product, service or, simply, your creativity.

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