The attractiveness of data visualization

The attractiveness of data visualization
The attractiveness of data visualization


The combination of data from different sources is what enriches an analysis designed for decision making. Big Data applications geared toward businesses that want to expand in a city proliferate today. A good option is to opt for an app in which consumer data, such as information on their transactions, are crossed with geolocation data to be aware of people's movements.

Furthermore, one of the keys to success of these apps is to have a display that is simple but attractive, that streamlines and facilitates making strategic decisions based on territory.

One such app is Flux MX, developed by Pimpampum, which has invested heavily in its display:

– It makes it possible to filter by category and activity, whether commercial or residential.

– It shows input and output transactions.

– Geographic division of the city by zip code.

Flux MX, which was ranked second in the latest edition of InnovaChallenge MX, shows a map (API Google Maps) on the screen in which it combines and displays the data according to filters set by the user. Data are collected from the Foursquare API, as well as the API provided by BBVA with data on the transactions.

Thus, the user can view in an attractive way which areas are a magnet for business.

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