BBVA Open4U is now part of BBVA API_Market

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29 September 2020
BBVA Open4U is now part of BBVA API_Market
BBVA Open4U is now part of BBVA API_Market


Technology has gradually transformed almost any sector you can imagine. The financial sector is no exception: trends have changed and there has been a significant paradigm shift in banking.

Movements such as open banking have used technology as a driver to revolutionize the concept of banking services as we know it. The changes it has brought are not inconsiderable.

The customer has gone from being just another link in the chain to being at the core of the banking experience. Regulations such as PSD2 have opened up infrastructures and services to make them more accessible -securely- to third parties. Responding to needs as and when they arise has become the new leitmotiv. The solution to move this from theory to practice lies in APIs.

This is the rationale behind BBVA API_Market, BBVA’s global open banking initiative whose purpose is to provide companies with the technological tools they need to optimize their processes, expand their business portfolio and create new products that can really drive a real and practical digital transformation.

BBVA Open4u, which has been providing information about the world of development, APIs and open banking since 2014, is now integrated into and is an essential part of BBVA API_Market. You will have access to the same content as until now and you will continue to receive the newsletter under this new brand. You will also be able to look up the latest open banking events and access more related information through eBooks.

BBVA API_Market also explains what APIs can bring to your company, how to integrate them and how they can help transform your business. You can run tests in the Sandbox, read our guidelines and technical documents and contact us at any point during the process if you have any questions or wish to address a specific topic.

BBVA API_Market, all of the open banking opportunities at your fingertips. Find out more.

* BBVA API_Market is owned by BBVA, S.A.

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