The best websites to learn about APIs

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APIs / 22 August 2018
The best websites to learn about APIs
The best websites to learn about APIs


Although practice is the best school, another aid for developing APIs is the Internet, which offers all kinds of information for those interested in the more technical aspects of this world. Here's a small selection of the most interesting websites to learn and keep up to date in the world of APIs.

API Evangelist

This is a personal project undertaken by Kin Lane, an expert on APIs that gathers all kinds of knowledge and comments on these IT solutions on his website. We particularly recommend this white paper on API Design.  

API University

This is a repository of all kinds of interesting content, from tutorials to news about the world of APIs. It is part of Programmable Web, a journal about APIs that has been online since 2005.  

Real Time API

Success stories, demos, terminology, extensive information on programming languages and much more. At this website you will find almost everything about APIs, whether you are an expert or just taking your first steps in this world.

Nordic APIs

More than teaching, Nordic APIs informs and allows you to keep up to date with everything regarding APIs, from ebooks to events. It also stands out for the contents of its blog.


Its blog provides interesting content for an audience made up of people who are not necessarily programming experts. However, it is essentially an API marketplace that allows you to compare them, see their capabilities for each type of business and, if necessary, deploy them. 


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