The boom of ‘aaS’ models

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Open banking / 02 August 2016
The boom of ‘aaS’ models
The boom of ‘aaS’ models


The increase of models as a service and all things connected with them is unstoppable. For some time consumption of a particular service in which you only pay for what you are going to use has been increasing.

We are now in a period in which many online companies are emerging that offer on-demand models, which represent the perfect balance between functionality and value.

Until relatively recently it was very common, and still remains so, to talk about concepts like SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), etc. However, it’s now more usual to call these type of cloud-based service models XaaS

The XaaS concept is fairly new and is used to refer to “everything as a service” provided that these services are installed locally and are presented via the Internet, i.e. that it meets the “aaS” (as a Service) requirements.

Ever more companies have felt attracted by this type of service. They have been won over by this simple reason: their flexibility. “aaS” models allow you to choose the appropriate solutions provider at the right time. Thanks to them, companies can choose the provider with better features when needed.

“aaS” models keep on growing

The advantages that these services provide encourage their continued expansion. These are the latest models that have emerged:

– Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): tasks related to hardware, software and storage are automated by the provider, and management and monitoring the systems will require more time.

– Desktop as a Service (DaaS): a low-cost infrastructure for VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) that offers many features.

– Disaster recovery as a Service (DRaaS): A model in which the provider sends the data to a server while data is being sent through the cloud to avoid any adversity. Companies use it as a disaster recovery plan.

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