Case Study Citymapper leads the way with Twitter

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04 August 2016
Case Study Citymapper leads the way with Twitter
Case Study Citymapper leads the way with Twitter


Citymapper is a transport and travel application that combines open data with a functional design. Tourists can use it to explore and move around cities much more easily. Created in the UK in 2012, it is present in 12 cities with Milan and Rome being the latest additions.

This app has reinvented urban transportation with its features, including travel planning. Citymapper wanted to offer a real-time user experience. To achieve this goal, it chose Twitter since it can offer complete information about most routes in the application.

Citymapper offers travel planning that is as reliable as possible by displaying real-time information about departures, weather and anything else you may need to know everything about a city.

Why has Citymapper chosen Twitter?

The application’s managers thought that Twitter offers the best response to their needs since it feeds on transport agencies and, as such, is the most trustworthy solution. Also, Citymapper believed that Twitter was the best option for generating an excellent user experience and providing greater convenience.

With Twitter’s integration, users can now obtain real-time information from this social network and share any interesting fact about the city to add to the community’s knowledge of it.

Citymapper has integrated the Twitter Kit into its latest version so that users can tweet during their user experience.

Twitter has also helped to improve the app’s stability by integrating fail reports and mobile analysis through the Crashlytics Kit (helps detect stability issues).

Citymapper results with Twitter

With the structure offered by Twitter, Citymapper users obtain more information about their travels and routes based on real-time data. This gives them a comprehensive overview of their journey and the means of transport they use. Thanks to Twitter, Citymapper can warn its users of possible delays in transport or send any other information which may affect their journey.

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