Case Study eRevalue: “An API is the key to thinking beyond the product and pursuing the idea of the platform”

Case Study eRevalue: “An API is the key to thinking beyond the product and pursuing the idea of the platform”
Case Study eRevalue: “An API is the key to thinking beyond the product and pursuing the idea of the platform”


Companies need relevant data on their sector to offer their clients the best possible experience. That is why it helps to work with companies that can offer a simplified analysis of the environment. How can you get the most information? eRevalue is an SME that offers such solutions, based on an innovative technological approach.

With offices in New York and London, the company provides a solution to this problem by giving its customers online access to data and sustainability analysis. eRevalue is a technology SME offering an analytics platform that helps in a range of professional areas.

The company was founded in 2014 and decided to pursue an API model shortly thereafter. eRevalue CTO Jerome Basdevant recognizes that this startup would not be where it is today if it had not committed to APIs. By incorporating this technology into its business processes, eRevalue can implement projects more quickly and cheaply.

Basdevant believes that implementing APIs is of huge importance in a young company like his, forming the basis of its strategy, enabling the company “to think beyond the product, and pursue the idea of the platform”.

Without an API, they would not have access to much of the data they need to advise their clients. He therefore recommends this technology as a way of improving business-process efficiency, not just a way of saving money on product development.

An API to assess risks

Datamaran, one of eRevalue’s services, provides a radar of emerging risks, helping business executives and financial institutions stay on top of emerging economic, environmental, social and political risks.

This service provides global coverage and tailored analytics, based on databases that adapt at the speed of the market. This is possible because it uses an API. This keeps their customers up-to-date with regulatory requirements, analysis of the market and companies, and so on.

eRevalue has also recently launched Caspian, a research tool for corporate reporting. This tool enables users to uncover hidden risks and opportunities through the reports of more than 6000 companies, understanding which issues are on their radar, and which are not.

This is the second product the company has developed using this API. Incorporating the API into the process make generating the information quicker and cheaper.

eRevalue works in a wide range of sectors, from consultants, to whom it offers access to all the reports from various perspectives, to NGOs and public companies, which it informs about campaigns.

Datos de interés eRevalue

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SME: 11 – 50 employees



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6.297 companies


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