Case Study: Pingar grows its business development and developer channel with an API

Case Study: Pingar grows its business development and developer channel with an API
Case Study: Pingar grows its business development and developer channel with an API


Pingar aims to make analyzing texts as easy as interpreting the information in databases. On average, 80% of the data stored by companies are unstructured, making it difficult to retrieve the important information from such a vast quantity of text.

This is where Pingar comes in, analyzing all the data stored then organizing, collating and identifying what is relevant about a problem. The challenge is that increasingly large amounts of information are being generated, and companies need to be able to detect what is important and what is irrelevant.

In developing its business strategy, Pingar focused on the need to save time and resources. The company also wanted a scalable model that would support continuous growth while maintaining the same high level of understanding of its business metrics.

After studying all the options, they reached the conclusion that the only way to solve this problem was by implementing an API, and they set about looking for different providers to guarantee the rapid integration and distribution of data in the cloud. At the same time, they also needed a web-based solution so that it wasn’t tied to a single platform but had the ability to integrate into its security policies.

The problem was solved by implementing a 3scale API. This management platform offers scalable and flexible solutions for packaging, distributing, controlling and monetizing APIs.

They chose this platform because it enabled them to cut costs while delivering the services it needed to optimize its partner and customer channels. 3scale boasts a distributed architecture, an international scope, and a focus on customer service and responsiveness.

The API also offers support for creating search apps, identifying addresses, mapping text to pre-defined taxonomies, and sanitizing documents. Just what Pingar was looking for.

Since implementing the API, the company has obtained excellent results and has managed to grow its business development and developer channel. It has also been able to maintain data security and still gather metrics for development planning.


Founded 2006
Size SME: 11-50 employees
Funding Private
Sector Information Technology and Services
Specialties Unstructured data, natural lenguage processing, metadata automation and cataloguing, anda automatic classification.


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