Check out the APIs of Google Analytics competitors

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APIs / 02 January 2020
Check out the APIs of Google Analytics competitors
Check out the APIs of Google Analytics competitors


Chartbeat, Webtrends and KISSmetrics are three good examples of tools that, thanks to their APIs, can compete perfectly with Google Analytics, although the competition scenario is not that simple.

Google Analytics is one of the market leaders for web analytics, perhaps due to the huge company that is behind the product and the high possibilities of its free service. But it’s not the only one. There are other companies that have truly competitive web analytics platforms with some interesting features. What’s more, in a particularly delicate field, they can compete with the huge search engine: they are tools that have their own application development interfaces for extracting, managing and processing third party data. What gives its rivals the most problems is Google’s ability to link Analytics with other products such as Adwords, the goose with the golden eggs and the PPC (Pay Per Click) global reference platform, and Audience, the human behavior measuring tool.

Google makes it possible to centralize all the important metrics in one tool such as Analytics, both on the product side and the commercial side. Nevertheless, there is life beyond Google Analytics. This list shows that:


Chartbeat is the king of real-time metrics, a sector in which Google Analytics is yet to find its place. It’s true that Analytics has an access report in this real-time, but not at the same level as Chartbeat. Today, Google Analytics is a tool with which customers must wait 24 hours before getting results from the day before, and which is focused on obtaining insights from the temporary contextualization of the metrics. The idea is to find elements that generate patterns from the previous six months, years or two years. The important aspect of metrics, and even more so in Google Analytics, is the data trend and the explication of reality it provides in relation to all that information. Likewise, Chartbeat has real-time and short history reports.

This sub-division is important because the Chartbeat REST API also works. The platform’s applications development interface operates by updating data is these two ways: the real-time data contained in the API is updated every three seconds, making this the live margin of error of the metrics, and then there is the information that is accumulated and displayed in certain time periods by the user.

The Chartbeat REST API enables developer teams to access the data they contain using simple HTTP requests (GET). As a result of these requests, a data package is always returned to the customer in JSON format. Furthermore, the Chartbeat REST API returns specific content consumption data in video format. To give a couple of practical examples of the video API:

2. Webtrends

Webtrends is another of the platforms that rivals with Google Analytics within the analytical sector. This tool has some interesting features:

The API for the Webtrends Analytics data extraction is a REST API that allows developers to gather information from one URI. The interface provides macros that make it possible to request data from specific periods of time, it supports information in numerous formats such as JSON, XML, HTML and CSV, and makes it possible to create AJAX applications. This API also facilities data caching, an interesting feature to greatly improve performance.


KISSmetrics is another of the serious rivals of Google Analytics. KISSmetrics has a competitive advantage over other solutions in the market: it focuses on giving an analysis solution to its customers that makes a visual representation of the life cycle of a user with a product or a particular service. This is only possible through the functionality of the KISSmetrics API.

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