Companies turn to virtualization

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Business development / 15 September 2016
Companies turn to virtualization
Companies turn to virtualization


Banking, insurance and healthcare are three of the most virtualized sectors of the economy, in the sense of migration of systems, devices and servers to virtual environments.  

Use of software defined data centers (SDDC) is becoming widespread in companies as a way of reducing workloads, according to a report published by virtualization-technology provider HyTrust.

The study finds that many companies are still cautious about the security of large-scale migrations. As a result, a third of companies encrypt all of their workload in virtualization processes to meet their data security requirements.

The Industry Experience: the 2016 State of the Cloud and Software Defined Data Centre in Real World Environments study finds that the public cloud and virtualization have been widely adopted by companies.

Over half of the workload of sectors such as technology, finance and healthcare now use the public cloud. The most commonly used platforms include Microsoft Azure, used by 50% of the healthcare sector, and AWS (Amazon Web Services), which is used by 29% of the sector.

The benefits of SDDC:º

·       95% of survey respondents said that their current SDDC platforms and strategies guarantee high levels of security, whilst responding to their business needs.

·       95% consider that optimum data security will help them rapidly obtain results, such as responsiveness, performance and cost savings.

The report concludes that security is the main concern for businesspeople and technology professionals when it comes to adopting SDDC. 67% of respondents said that security will slow migration, whilst 55% believe there will be more data breaches and other security problems. 70% expect more or the same volume of internal agreements and audit questions.  

HyTrust interviewed over 500 executives of companies in various business sectors for the report.

Source: HyTrust and CloudTech

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