Geospatial analysis of financial data in New York

Geospatial analysis of financial data in New York
Geospatial analysis of financial data in New York


Some of the world's leaders in visualization and APIs are joining BBVA to show tools and techniques to gather, analyze and visualize.

Discover how BBVA is opening up credit card transactions data and creating API's to let developers build applications on top of it.

Build visualizations with simple web tools, or leverage Kimono Labs' and the CartoDB's Platform to build powerful dynamic geospatial applications:

– Create an API of any web page with Kimono Labs – and build with it: create directories, monitor competitor's prices, calibrate true prices across industries

– Analyze and visualize your data with CartoDB: design beautiful visualizations with a simple web editor. Check out how different organizations are using the CartoDB Platform to build geospatial applications

Discover state of the art visualization projects from cutting edge visualization studio Stamen.

This event is brought to you by BBVA in partnership with:

– Kimono Labs lets you turn websites into APIs in seconds. APIfy the web and create dynamic applications out of any static website.

– CartoDB helps you make sense of your location data, enabling anyone to create a map. Create dynamic data maps and visualizations without leaving your browser. Twitter, NPS, Deloitte and the Wall Street Journal among others use CartoDB to create visualizations and build geo-applications.

– Stamen is a design and technology studio in San Francisco. Stament designs and builds maps and data visualizations in San Francisco's Mission District for a wide variety of happy clients, that include Google, MTV, Yahoo, MySociety, MSNBC, Digg, Trulia…



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