Google streamlines its API console

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APIs / 11 April 2016
Google streamlines its API console
Google streamlines its API console


Google is changing its API console, a platform used by developers to manage the company’s service data, to make their work easier.

The goal of this improvement is to obtain a more user-friendly platform, since developers send millions of requests per day to Google APIs.

This renovation intends to provide a unique interface for the APIs, without the need to share space with other types of information, thereby streamlining its use. The objective is for developers to finish their work faster.

Once an API is enabled in a new project, the credentials have to be generated. This step has been streamlined by building a credentials model that will indicate the necessary credentials immediately, depending on the needs of the project.

This console now contains more than 20 specific sections in its browser menu, where it manage the APIs that it uses, the permissions and payment methods.

The changes will be implemented gradually and the users will be able to use and enjoy the service without any interruptions.

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