How an app can help you create a geomarketing strategy

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How an app can help you create a geomarketing strategy
How an app can help you create a geomarketing strategy


Who are your customers and what are they like? Who should be your customer? Who are your competitors? What is your potential market like? Is your business well positioned? How should sales be strengthened? There is an easy answer to these questions if you implement a good geomarketing strategy.


But how can you carry out these campaigns simply and effectively? The solution is being offered by many startups: they provide capture, processing and analysis of data for you to be able to answer these questions and complete your geomarketing strategy.

For this reason, we are seeing a lot of tools such as Pear Campaigns, a winning solution at InnovaChallenge Mexico, which allows non-expert users to draft geomarketing strategies in a simple but effective way.

First, you need to define your strategy and the desired goal: winning customers or ensuring customer loyalty? Then, you need to identify the business activity and size.

From this information, several data sources with different spatial structures are used to create a heat map for each potential marketing medium (from an email to mapping, among others). A report is then generated listing the main reasons why a medium is appropriate or not.

Additionally, this tool carries out a marketing analysis and tracks how the user checks the report and which sections they access the most. The relative importance of the data sources is adapted accordingly and dynamically.

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