We discover how open banking is the banking of the future at BBVA Open Talks

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Open banking / 12 November 2020
We discover how open banking is the banking of the future at BBVA Open Talks
We discover how open banking is the banking of the future at BBVA Open Talks


A new edition of BBVA Open Talks was held on October 29, under the title “Open Talks Global: Unboxing the new way of banking, Open Banking”. It looked into the possibilities offered by open banking not only within the financial sector itself, but also for companies that can collaborate with different banks and fintech companies.

To discuss this issue, the event invited speakers from different companies such as Lorenza Martínez, Payments, Finance & Risks Lead at Accenture, Carlos Figueredo, CEO of Open Vector, and Juan Carlos Rodríguez Iñigo, Head of Payments Latin America at Uber, as well as some of the leading BBVA experts on the issue such as Ana Climente, Head of Open Banking at BBVA Spain, Marcela Zetina, Head of BBVA Open Innovation, Carlos López-Moctezuma, Global Head of New Business Models, Open Banking and Innovation, Carmela Gómez, Head of Open Banking, and Jesús Lozano Belio, Digital Regulation Manager.

The talk, which can now be streamed, was structured into different presentations. Carlos López-Moctezuma started the session by analyzing the changes in society which have allowed open banking to consolidate its presence. Digitization has transformed not only how we think and behave as consumers, López-Moctezuma said, but has also pushed a good proportion of the industry into a more collaborative spectrum. The relationship with customers in the financial field has progressed toward greater contact and personalization, hand in hand with a much broader and more attractive digital product portfolio for users.

Carmela Gómez delved into how BBVA understands open banking, what steps the bank has taken since European regulation allowed greater openness and what role BBVA’s APIs have played throughout this process.

And Jesús Lozano focused precisely on the advent of the different regulations worldwide and their impact on the banking sector. He drew a detailed outline of the international landscape, reviewing countries that have pioneered regulation, such as Australia, India or the European Union itself, and analyzing with particular interest the countries currently regulating, such as Turkey or Mexico.

Lorenza Martínez, Accenture, talked about Mexico and, in general, the current situation in Latin America, followed by Juan Carlos Rodríguez, who shared his company’s experience, Uber, during its partnership with BBVA to create a new user experience for its drivers through APIs.

Ana Climente went next and explained how APIs and, in general, the open banking paradigm, are key to creating user experiences that make consumers’ lives easier and offer them more agile and efficient management of their finances.

Finally, Carlos Figueredo, CEO of Open Vector, provided his perspective on how open banking is, ultimately, a movement that seeks to bring new services to consumers and customers that benefit from them, and how the different actors who are taking part in this transformation can bring value from their respective sectors.

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