JavaScript, the king of modern front-end and back-end development

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22 January 2016
JavaScript, the king of modern front-end and back-end development
JavaScript, the king of modern front-end and back-end development


Developers who are familiar with JavaScript can program a web app from scratch and all the way to the end only with their knowledge of this syntax. It is the myth of the full-stack developer come true.

Modernizr, libraries for multi-purpose websites

We will begin with this JavaScript library, which has become the solution for avoiding surprises when developing and visualizing the web project: it is the best tester possible for detecting which features of the project are supported by each browser.

Modernizr enables developers to check the compatibility of HTML5 and CSS3 functionalities in their digital projects and the users’ browser. It reviews 18 features of CSS3 styles and another 40 related to HTML documents. It adapts to the real user experience of the website for all browsers, by making it easier to create multi-purpose digital projects.

Find out more about the features of this JavaScript library in this article.

MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js, the MEAN quartet

It you’re capable of mastering JavaScript, you can use MEAN development, an essential quartet for creating web applications:

In this article you will find more information for building your web applications using this development quartet.

Develop using EmberJS

After learning a bit more about this magical quartet, it’s time now to present alternatives, and EmberJS is a very good one for AngularJS. It is a framework under the Model-View-Controller pattern (MVC) for developing client-side applications, supported by several JavaScript libraries such as jQuery or Handlebars.

One of the most interesting aspects of this framework is the use of the MVC pattern because it enables the development framework to take care of synchronizing at all times the changes in the HTML document with the DOM, thanks to the information contained in the View variables. The MVC pattern separates applications into different presentation, data and logic components.

Find out about this development framework in this article with a quick guide for developers.

Backbone JS, a solution for complex projects.

Like its competitors EmberJS and AngularJS, it uses an MVC development framework for designing applications because it takes care of the synchronization of the changes between the HTML document and the DOM.

One of its most salient features is that it is used for developing single-page web applications (SPAs), providing a smoother user experience. This is achieved by uploading features as they are needed by the user.

In addition, the learning curve is very short if the developer already has experience with JavaScript libraries such as jQuery or Underscore.js. Compared to AngularJS and EmberJS, JavaScript developers find it less painful to start programming.

In this article you will find more information on this JavaScript solution. 

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