José Luis Navarro Llorens sits down with The Paypers

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José Luis Navarro Llorens sits down with The Paypers
José Luis Navarro Llorens sits down with The Paypers


The Embedded Finance (EF) and Bank-as-a-Service (BaaS) ecosystem is expanding at lightning speed and is in the process of defining of the roles of the new stakeholders entering the ecosystem, who are looking to fill niches or create new services.

How will the Embedded Finance and Bank-as-a-Service sector evolve?

José Luis Navarro Llorens is Head of Open Banking Strategy at BBVA. As part of a recent interview for The Paypers, he explained the situation of the Embedded Finance (EF) market. An open data enthusiast, he has experience in core retail banking, consumer finance, reverse factoring and tradable instruments.

“The next major developments will not be technological, rather they will be strategic,” asserted José Luis Navarro Llorens, as we will see how financial and non-financial companies find their niche in the new market. We are also going to see many new players.

The Embedded Finance market is estimated to pose a market opportunity worth 7 trillion US dollars, while 30% of the current traditional banking revenues could be reduced on account of new banking trends. Positioning yourself is key.

José Luis Navarro Llorens for The Paypers.

Highlights of the interview include:

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