The keys to Big Data, its strategies and tools, in six interviews

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User Experience / 01 June 2015
The keys to Big Data, its strategies and tools, in six interviews
The keys to Big Data, its strategies and tools, in six interviews


1. Ron Raffensperger, Global Chief Technology Officer IT at Huawei

What are the areas in which your use of Big Data technology can contribute value? This is the first question you should ask before starting to work with data tools. 

Ron Raffensperger analyzes the data applications that are becoming widespread in the field of telecommunications and finance. The aim of using these tools is to improve risk management, and particularly to promote customer-centered strategies.

2. David Gerster, vice president of Data Science at BigML

Data analysis or data science? Which is the correct term?  It sounds like a trick question, but it's the one David Gerster posed at the start of this interview, and with a very optimistic message for anyone starting out in the world of data: data science is simple.


And he didn't stop there. This expert gives us the keys to make the best possible use of automatic learning.

3. Francisco González-Blanch, Product Development Manager at  Madiva

Digital transformation is a strategy being deployed by large and small companies in all areas. And that includes finance. In this interview, and after his experience with BBVA, the head of Madiva shares his views on this type of strategy and the synergies that can be created between startups like Madiva and major corporations like BBVA.

4. Pau García, founder of Domestic Data Streamers

Visualization is one of the most attractive areas in what is known as Big Data, but Pau García's team goes even further and works to produce these visualizations using the new data languages. The challenge: to restore value to information.

If you want to see how they do it, don't miss this interview where Pau gives some examples you're sure to recognize…

5. David Montag, Field Engineering Manager at Neo Technology

If you're out to improve your data strategy, you most certainly need to improve your knowledge of graph databases. To do this, David Montag, one of the experts at Neo4j, gives you the keys to how to extract as much information as possible from your data and the relation between them.

In this interview, Montag also offers a straightforward explanation of the difference between this type of databases and all the others, because you're bound to be using some graph databases without even being aware of it…

6. Javier Ramírez, CEO of Teowaki

If you're looking for advice to improve the marketing of your e-commerce platform Javier Ramírez gives you some tips before starting out The key: knowing what works and what doesn't. 

Today all these data can be measured thanks to the cloud and open code, and this will help you gain greater knowledge of your customers and learn how to listen to them through their data.

These are just a few of the clips produced by InnovaChallenge Data Week. If you want you can see the full list with all this week's videos here.

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