Nimble Payments: a BBVA solution for startups and virtual small businesses

Nimble Payments: a BBVA solution for startups and virtual small businesses
Nimble Payments: a BBVA solution for startups and virtual small businesses


BBVA continues to drive digital transformation via the payment gateway provided by Nimble Payments. This solution is designed with REST API architecture, facilitating integration from any environment (Web applications, native apps, etc.) without requiring complicated configurations.

Developers can use Nimble Payments features in test mode, allowing them to test all aspects of the API. They therefore do not need to perform transactions in real time, and the operations come at no cost. 

The applications request access to Nimble Payments security services via basic authentication credentials: API_client_ID and Client_Secret: “API_client_ID” and “Client_Secret” and the following authentication and authorization processes are adapted to OAuth 2.0 protocol scenarios

As well as the API, Nimble Payments provides developers with libraries and SDKs in other open source programming languages, such as .net and PHP, as well as specific plugins for each e-commerce platform. A plugin is now available for Prestashop, while plugins for the Magneto and WooCommerce platforms will be published soon.

The Nimble Payments development team works according to scrum methodology, which is an agile methodology that makes it possible to make regular deliveries every two weeks and obtain results dynamically, thus adapting to business needs quickly.

Services offered

Nimble Payments is hugely beneficial for digital businesses because it is not only a payment gateway but offers value-added services to businesses such as:

–       Finding out the status of your sales and being able to manage them from your own control panel

–       Processing returns

–       Accessing financial solutions 

It takes just five minutes to register for Nimble Payments and the entire process can be completed online, which are two benefits that distinguish this from other payment gateways. In addition, the Nimble Payments payment infrastructure meets the strictest safety standards, complying with PCI DSS.

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