“At Nimble Payments we like to pamper our businesses”

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“At Nimble Payments we like to pamper our businesses”
“At Nimble Payments we like to pamper our businesses”


The team’s enthusiasm is palpable. It is a team that, according to the CTO of Nimble Payments, Carmen Cuesta, “combines all the finest qualities of a startup company -with highly dedicated employees- with the benefits that come with a bank, including experts in legal advisory services, security, fraud, risk and audits.”

Every morning at 9.30, Ms. Cuesta meets with her team to pool information. The aim is to harness the experience and expertise of each member to solve problems as rapidly as possible. The team works just as closely and enthusiastically with customers. Hundreds already place their trust in Nimble Payments.   

Why was Nimble Payments created?

Nimble Payments was created in 2014 to fill a gap in the market: SMEs, self-employed professionals and startups wanting to launch online businesses but facing the difficulty of having to arrange a virtual POS service at a bank branch. This is normally a complicated and lengthy process and sometimes the POS is not even approved.  Many companies, self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs are making the leap into online business following the crisis, in response to which BBVA’s New Digital Businesses unit decided to offer a better solution than existed on the market at that time. From the outset the aim was to focus on SMEs and the self-employed. 

What are Nimble Payment’s main features?

Nimble Payments is a digital product, with customers registering entirely online. Customers complete a simple form to provide the information we need to set up a bank account for them, link the terminals required to process payments and provide them with login credentials.

Nimble Payments is not just a payments gateway. We aim to offer other value added services too. Using the web app, customers can view the status of their sales, handle returns, make cash outs to their accounts, etc. The fact that they also have a bank account means we can offer them financial solutions too.

Why should I choose Nimble Payments if I want to open my own business?

The integration of e-commerce and Nimble Payments is very simple. We offer easy integration with the most popular e-commerce platforms on the market, and our customers often do not need to hire developers to launch their online businesses.

We also have an excellent technical service on hand to help should you have problems with integration.

Furthermore, we offer competitive and transparent pricing: we charge no fixed fee and there are no permanence clauses. Our only fee is a percentage of each sale made, which will decline as your business’ monthly turnover grows.

Do you have to be a BBVA customer to register?

No, it is not necessary to be a BBVA customer to use Nimble Payments, as this is an open product for which anyone can register. And don’t forget registration is performed online. You don’t need to visit any branch office to register as a customer of Nimble Payments. 

What are you working on at the moment?

We are working to allow all features currently available on the Nimble Payments website to be accessed via APIs, so that businesses can integrate all features in their internal back-end systems or ERPs.

We also want to drive up the number of features, and one-click payments will be available shortly. This will allow businesses to used stored card information – which is held securely by Nimble Payments- so that frequent customers can make purchases without having to re-enter their payment details, in one simple click.

Is it fully secure?

Nimble Payments’ payments gateway and card storage systems are both compliant with PCI DSS standards. Customer card data are never held on the business premises, but on our security systems that are audited every quarter.

What is the next step after the one-click system?

We would like to be able to extend loans, based on our customers’ sales volumes. To do this we need to have access to the transactional banking history of each business. We are exploring this at the business level.

Which plugins are compatible with Nimble Payments?

We have developed plugins for Prestashop and WooCommerce, while the module for Magento 1.9 will be published soon. We have an open API platform and some of our customers are creating their own plugins for other platforms, such as OpenCart.

What do you think are the keys for success?

The feedback we have received from most of our customers indicates that the solution can be easily integrated with their e-commerce platforms. After registering on the Nimble Payments website, customers are given credentials that they have to copy and paste to configure plugins – which are also developed by us- and then the payment gateway is ready to go, as simple as that.  Another key is our technical support. We like to pamper our businesses.

One-click is one of the most popular features. Everyone wants to make purchases easy and pleasant for customers. 

Will you expand?

The solution is currently aimed at businesses based in Spain, but Europe will be our next target. 


For more information about Nimble Payments, please go to the web at: www.nimblepayments.com

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