Notifications: indispensable to the relationship with users

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User Experience / 31 October 2018
Notifications: indispensable to the relationship with users
Notifications: indispensable to the relationship with users


The widespread use of smartphones and the download of native applications are unstoppable phenomena in the worldwide market. Having a good notification service is an indispensable factor in creating closer relationships with users. And the initiatives in this sphere are increasingly more personalized.

Direct and personalized messages have become one of the most used approach vehicles to the user, and also one of the closest ones. These three articles talk about the penetration of notifications services into different sectors:

Used in moderation, push notifications can represent a real opportunity for companies to improve contact with their clients. This is a context where APIs play an indispensable role for large companies such as eBay, Amazon, Square and BBVA.

If you wish to find out more about push notifications, click here to download the ebook “APIS y notificaciones, servicios en tiempo real para clientes” (APIs and notifications: real-time services for clients).

Conversational chatbots have become a tool that is commonly used to increase the degree of personalization and closeness in the relationship between companies and users. The banking service soon joined the initiative and is already developing alert services in these messaging applications.

Sending notifications to application users is easy. That’s why this article lists four tips to earn the loyalty, reactivate or increase the number of users in a game.


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