The open philosophy

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Open banking / 18 September 2018
The open philosophy
The open philosophy


Every day more companies and developers are joining the trend for working with open solutions. The reason is simple and the advantages of open source are clear: it reduces the expenses associated to licenses, eliminates dependence on software sellers, and offers advantages for learning thanks to collaboration, increased security and improved quality.

If you want to learn more about the “open” philosophy, check out the following articles:

Five interesting articles on the power of open data
Open data are revolutionizing the way of proposing solutions and making decisions. Their potential is incalculable, and they are the focus of interest in mainstream and specialized media all over the world.

Collaborative systems and open code, among the developers’ favorites
A study reveals that open code specialists tend to choose collaborative options, and particularly open code tools in their projects.

Five ebooks you should read on open source
If you want to know more about the “open” philosophy”, BBVAopen4u makes it easy with this collection of five ebooks that will bring you up to date and help you learn more about its regulation, use, advantages and its key role in driving innovation.

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