PayStats, data at the service of customers

PayStats, data at the service of customers
PayStats, data at the service of customers


Marketing companies, developers of market insight apps, real estate operators, tourism firms… these are just a few examples of the kinds of companies that could benefit from information and data extracted from the PayStats API, developed by BBVA and made available to third parties.

Juan Murillo, Head of Urban Analysis at BBVA Data&Analytics, emphasizes that the key strength of API technology is the automation of data usage processes. He encourages developers to try out the data that can be invoked via PayStats to improve a given business and associated decision-making.

Specifically, PayStats provides usage statistics based on BBVA credit and debit card activity data. This data is used to describe economic flows and commercial dynamics in a given zone, to thus build consumption patterns, visitor trends, and it allows developing micro market studies high frequency and is able to find gaps in supply and areas of opportunity.

Therefore, it is interesting in the area of geomarketing also, because these data can measure the sufficiency of neighborhoods; in the area of tourism, to describe what visitors are at a certain destination; or in the property, since they can obtain new valuation metrics commercial. These are just some examples.

The API represents a large scale evolution of the initiative set up by BBVA in 2013, when it first opened a proportion of its data as part of the Innova Challenge.  The development is part of the bank’s digital transformation and helps to drive the evolution toward an open and collaborative culture.

If you are interested in open financial APIs, you can try out BBVA’s here.

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