Prot-On tells us about their experience in InnovaApps+

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Developers / 09 October 2014
Prot-On tells us about their experience in InnovaApps+
Prot-On tells us about their experience in InnovaApps+


We were aware of it and had spoken about it a few times, but we never found the right moment until InnovaApps+ sparked the chance we needed to integrate Prot-On with Google. InnovaApps+ gave us the extra push we needed to go from "we have to do this because we know how" to "now we can do this!"

Yes, Prot-On can already be run on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Blackberry systems, although there is one step remaining for integration in Google.

Besides, the spirit behind InnovaApps+ was a perfect match for the original idea that led us to develop Prot-On: to offer SMEs and other companies an innovative, powerful and accessible solution to protect the information they value the most. In a certain sense, our intention is to democratize security so that any company can protect its files and know how they are being used regardless of where they are stored, while being able to decide at any time who is accessing a copy of their files (Office, PDF, audio, video, text, etc.), when and what for.

Also, Prot-On integration with cloud storage services, such as Google Drive, allows SMEs to enjoy the advantages of the cloud without giving up the control and security of their files. Integration makes it very easy to protect your documents and a simple step is all you need to know who has accessed each of them and for; all of which you can do without leaving the Google Drive application.

This integration is only one more step towards achieving our goal, which is to be the solution of reference for file protection and control on the Web, to offer users the peace of mind of knowing that their files are under control and that, even if millions of Google accounts or thousands of pictures in iCloud, etc. are robbed, their files protected by Prot-On will not be affected.

Our experience in InnovaApps+ has been tremendously positive. First of all, we didn't expect such a recognition by the organization and secondly, we were very grateful for the assistance and expertise of all the people who were involved in the process. It is undoubtedly an initiative that genuinely enhances the progress of small enterprises and entreprenuership in Spain and Latin America.


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