Real-time technology, a feature in increasing demand for our daily lives

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Real-time technology, a feature in increasing demand for our daily lives
Real-time technology, a feature in increasing demand for our daily lives


Companies such as Uber, WhatsApp and Deliveroo owe part of their success to real-time technology, a feature integrated in most of the apps we use on a daily basis and that has changed the way we communicate. We demand real-time technology in any application.

Real-time technology has gone from being a differentiating feature to becoming a widespread element of applications. In fact, the most popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram send real-time notifications to their users.

Real-time features started to be implemented in stock markets with the aim of allowing traders to complete deals at low latency. This possibility, which represented a revolution in the financial sector, has now transformed the way we communicate.

Increasingly necessary

Real-time technology has become an essential part of our daily life. It is no longer something avant-garde, but something necessary which we demand in any application. For example, this type of technology is one of the key strengths of WhatsApp, since we expect to receive a message as soon as somebody writes it.

When we talk about real-time technology, we also need to talk about the Kano model, a set of techniques that help to define the features of a product and classifies customer preferences into several categories. According to this model, a product needs to:

Ensure customer satisfaction through features incorporated into the product/service.

– Be attractive, i.e. have features that attract users and draw their attention.

New success stories

Good implementation of real-time technology in their platforms has allowed many companies to expand their market share. For example, Uber improved its users’ experience by including live geolocation monitoring.

And Deliveroo was able to leverage real-time technology to attract more users. The company provides a takeaway delivery service where its customers can track their order status in real time and see how their request progresses.

When incorporating real-time technology to a platform, this feature’s design must be carefully planned since it must be sufficiently clear and simple for users to really be able to make the most of it.

Source: Smashing Magazine and Folding Burritos

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