A short playlist for delving deeper into the world of data

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User Experience / 28 October 2015
A short playlist for delving deeper into the world of data
A short playlist for delving deeper into the world of data


Geo-referenced data

In this interview Esteban Moro, a professor at Universidad Carlos III, examines one of the areas with the strongest growth potential in the world of Big Data: geo-referenced data. This can be used, for example, to optimize the processes that keep a city moving, via sensors that are able to monitor everything from transport to people. The next step will be to unlock the value of this data, in which developers will have a central role to play.

Are you ready to develop a suprasegmented data application? See what Esteban Moro has to say at the end of the interview:

Visualization as a driver for improved decision making

Data visualization is one of the most intriguing areas of data for developers to explore. In order to "sell" good data analysis, you need strong mechanisms for visualizing the same. Sergio Álvarez understands this perfectly, having founded Vizzuality at the age of just 23.

In this interview Álvarez discusses what he looks for in specialist Big Data developers: “people with a technical background who are ready to innovate and have fun with a project”.


A day in the life of a data scientist

And there is a key new figure emerging in the world outlined by Esteban Moro and Sergio Álvarez: the data scientist.

Marco Bressan, Executive President of BBVA Data & Analytics, examines in this video what the data scientist role entails and how it is changing to world of labor.

The Open Data movement

If you want to know how data analysis is being harnessed at organizations such as Fundación Civio, you'll want to see this interview with David Cabo. In it he discusses the headway made by the so-called Open Data movement for data transparency at such institutions and how it can drive social development.

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