Templates with administration panels developed with the Bootstrap framework

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10 November 2016
Templates with administration panels developed with the Bootstrap framework
Templates with administration panels developed with the Bootstrap framework


In the age of responsive websites with designs adapted to mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) where easy visual component editing is a value when the project is finally delivered to the customer, the Bootstrap front-end development framework has become one of the best choices in the market. More and more professionals dedicated to designing websites choose this framework to launch their projects. And there is no doubt the solution has a following within the community.

Bootstrap is an open-code development framework used to design websites and website applications. To a certain degree, the product is sponsored by its creator: it is a framework developed by Twitter. Why is Bootstrap useful for website design and development professionals? This development framework provides all the elements required by a traditional user interface: navigation menus and bars, various types of fonts, buttons, forms, etc. All these elements are developed with the usual short list of development tools: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Bootstrap has not only become a success for the front-end development of a website, a web application or a mobile application; it is also a success for back-end development of control panels. It is increasingly important to develop easy management and editing tools that are pleasant to the eye, with correct workflows and easy to remember. Currently, there are also numerous templates on the market, both free and at a cost that can be used with Bootstrap elements or added via plugins or widgets to personalize control panels that are very useful.

These are the best administration templates (back-end) based on Bootstrap: 

1. Monarch

Monarch is an administrative template developed in HTML5 and AngularJS for websites and website applications, but also for mobile applications. This administration template provides the end user with a control panel for all the user interface elements. In the specific case of Monarch, it has a wide range of resources, such as buttons, galleries, navigation bars and menus, all types of icons, notifications or mode launches, session registration and launch processes, various types of fonts, forms, screen savers, screen designs for 404 errors and a WYSIWYG text editor.

Monarch can be used to create websites and website applications, as well as mobile applications with AngularJS, but there are also versions without AngularJS. It is compatible with most browsers on the market. The idea is for all code generated from the insertion of new elements in the user interface, with implications in HTML5 and CSS3 to meet the standards found in W3C.

2. SB Admin

SB Admin A Bootstrap administration template platform where the designer, developer or end customer can find a wide range of themes to choose from. It uses most of the elements included in Bootstrap 3 by default, plus other powerful plugins in jQuery (the JavaScript library) to include all the animation and transition attributes needed to create the back-end scorecards and administration panels for the user interface of the project. Some of its key features are:

The SB Admin administration panel is already in its second version. 

3. AdminLTE

AdminLTE is an administration panel for Bootstrap created by Almsaeed. It is an open-code solution based on a modular design that streamlines construction and personalization. The idea is for each of these elements to be a plugin or a widget used to create the user interface for both the front-end and back-end. AdminLTE can be downloaded in a ready-made version with the code compiled for direct uploading to production; the zip with the source code can also be downloaded if the developer wants to make changes in the template beforehand.

Some of the key features of this administration template are:

4. Gentelella

Gentelella Another Bootstrap administration template, which is free and based on HTML5 and CSS3, for the design and development of back-end solutions adapted to all mobile devices. In addition to the default components that can be included in the Bootstrap user interface (sticky bars and menus, buttons, forms, icons, etc.), Gentelella has other features:

This administration template for Bootstrap projects uses ChartJS to draw up charts with management metrics or data. ChartJS is a JavaScript library with eight different types of data views: from bar or fever charts to views that use bubble, pie or radar charts. Another key feature is its usefulness for e-commerce.

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