Three interesting online courses to develop in Android

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29 January 2016
Three interesting online courses to develop in Android
Three interesting online courses to develop in Android


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Ever since Udemy – a MOOC initiative to take distance learning courses – was created at Stanford, Google has used the platform to make the intricacies of development known to all those driven to find out more.

Learning through Android green is free. The dynamic is simple and designed so everyone can learn at their own pace. Find a selection of courses for developing mobile apps here.

1. How to create an Android app

The longest road begins with the first step, so goes a popular Taoist saying. This course could well be the first step.

Aimed at beginners, it will teach you the basics of programming and promises to provide enough knowledge to build two applications in the space of four weeks. This course is also aimed at guiding beginner students in deciding how to proceed with their programming career.

If you don’t have experience as a programmer, this is the course for you, where you only need to be familiar with the most common uses of a smartphone.

2. The importance of user experience

This course is intended for beginners but requires prior knowledge of programming. It addresses the not insignificant issue of user experience. Often confused with the user interface, the user experience is crucial in many aspects of development and must be accompanied by a good design.

Well-programmed apps are reduced to a minimum if they are not accompanied by an intelligent design that molds the user experience. Although this course will not make you a designer, it includes advice and good practices so this extremely important aspect of mobile apps is not neglected.

3. Produce and publish an app

This is an advanced course and before taking part, you must have completed another Android Fundamentals class, in which the user is trained in developing an app.

Using it as an example for the application of the quality guide of apps for Android, you’ll learn how to produce an app that can be published in the Google Play Store.

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