Top 10 best tweets about APIs

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Top 10 best tweets about APIs
Top 10 best tweets about APIs


Only 10 tweets of the thousands posted each day have been chosen as the best in our new ranking. In this selection we have seen that every day more and more companies are using one or more APIs to improve their business or automate actions. Without further ado, this is our new top 10:

1. @_ericelliott

Eric Elliot advises learning the principles that translate across language barriers, achieving 173 retweets and 309 likes. On the same tweet, Eric recommends his post entitled “The Software Developer’s Library: A Treasure Trove of Books for People Who Love Code“, in which he lists his favorite programming books for beginners on productivity, software crafts, etc.

2. @craigbrownphd

Craig Brown, a business and technology consultant with more than 157,000 followers in Twitter, has shared, with great success, a DZone article on the main differences between SOAP and REST in performance, APIs, etc.

3. @MikeQuindazzi

Mike Quindazzi features again in our list of best tweets with his post on a survey of 1,770 executives about using APIs to improve and drive innovation in companies, highlighting that 88% are already using APIs in their business.

4. @adamsconsulting

The technology journalist Diana Adams, Adams Consulting Group, has shared the Disruption infographic  about the 5 business interruption drivers during 2017, which are Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, cyber security, APIs and automation. Her tweet has achieved 20 retweets and 24 likes.

5. @susvis

Susan Visser, Social Lead for IBM Analytics, has shared information on the characteristics of IBM Cloud financial services for developers. Her post is a tweet posted on her profile, which has already obtained 16 retweets and 18 likes.

6. @eraser

This tweeter shared an infographic about blockchain created by PwC, which tries to explain the advantages, unknowns and potential applications of distributed databases.

7. @programmableweb

In the past fortnight, ProgrammableWeb’s tweet with the most interaction has been that concerning Adafruit, which is a platform with an API and products for IoT projects of all ages.

8. @tedepstein

Ted Epstein, CEO of RepreZen, has shared an article from the Red Hat Developers blog on An Incremental Path to Microservices, in which five steps are determined in implementing microservices in a business: build a cloud capability, deploy your applications to your cloud, automate your delivery pipeline, give your delivery teams full end-to-end responsibility for their code and break-up your delivery teams and code in smaller units.

9. @Capgemini

Capgemini, a technology consultancy with a presence in over 40 countries, has shared an article by Christopher Stancombe, CEO of the Capgemini Business Process Outsourcing strategic business unit, which deals with how to get a better user experience through APIs. This article discusses how Christopher Stancombe comments on how user-centric businesses and social networks such as Salesforce, Facebook, Amazon and Netflix have made existing services accessible through their APIs with great success. This approach has helped all of them reach customers in new ways and establish new revenue streams.

10. @spotlessdata

Interesting fact about data errors: redundancy is good. Spotless Data has published an article specifying the 14 leading causes of quality problems in data, since, as discussed, poor data quality can cost companies 20-25% of their operating income.

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