The value of APIs for distributing content

The value of APIs for distributing content
The value of APIs for distributing content


The media and the content distribution companies are permanently innovating to find ways to reach a greater public, and corporate websites and each company’s own apps are the main ways the audience has to access the information.

But today this is no longer enough: readers want the content to be available when and where they need it. This can only be done by implementing an API in the distribution process.

Companies that succeed in meeting these new audience needs will have an added value, and thus a competitive advantage over all the others.

Four benefits for companies of distributing via API

  1. It enables members to be integrated at a low cost.
  2. Thanks to Big Data, it uses the context information to add value to the customer and the business.
  3. It offers brand contents and purchasing opportunities in the place the customers want to access them.
  4. It’s easier to reach niche channels more rapidly.

Content companies need to continually reinvent themselves so as not to lose their audience. The use of APIs at the internal level will enable them to innovate and experiment at a low cost.

But APIs will also bring them benefits at the external level, as they allow mobile web interfaces to be included as a flexible layer of channels over and above the API.

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