Wanted: experts in Big Data

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Digital transformation / 24 January 2020
Wanted: experts in Big Data
Wanted: experts in Big Data


After the boom in the creation and distribution of information, companies have poured all their resources into recruiting profiles capable of managing these vast sums of data, such as data analyst, database administrator, data science expert, data architect, database manager and Big Data engineer.

Some of the most sought-after professions are data analysts, database administrators, data science experts, data architects, database managers and Big Data engineers.

Snapshot of a data analyst

Today there are several training programs at both the national and international level to learn how to be an analyst in any of several different categories. There are also a large number of courses and tutorials, in addition to open programs available on the Internet for anyone who wants to learn on their own.

The Financial Times estimates that over 50,000 jobs related to the sector will be created every year until 2020.

A research work by the consulting company Robert Walters indicates that almost half of all employers plan to increase the number of workers in this sector.

But there will not only be more jobs on offer. There will also be significant salary hikes. The rise in salaries is a partial result of the scarcity of the offer of people specialized in data. This imbalance in the Big Data labor market is a matter of great concern to the industry.

The financial sector has a particularly high demand for this type of professionals. The benefits for the sector include the fight against fraud and risk management.

The figures point to a growing awareness among companies of the various benefits that can be achieved from the management and use of data, and highlight new opportunities for future professionals.

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