We took part in LibreCon and this is what we found most interesting

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13 December 2018
We took part in LibreCon and this is what we found most interesting
We took part in LibreCon and this is what we found most interesting


We went to the reference event of open technologies in southern Europe to explain to the audience how APIs are technological facilitators to improve the customer experience.

The latest advances in cybersecurity based on open technologies were also a very important aspect of the conference. Security is always important in our approach to any digital product or service, so imagine how much more this applies in the case of open banking, given the delicate nature of the data involved and the transactions that must be protected.

In this area, we found the talks given by Astor Nummelin and Néstor Salceda especially interesting. Nummelin, Senior Advisor in Open Forum Europe, highlighted the on-going debate around open code and the European directive on copyright, which, according to this expert, has widened the gap between political leaders and technical experts in Brussels, and explained his ideas for closing the breach in knowledge and awareness between them. In Nummelin’s words, free and open source software “is no longer on the periphery,” but is building the digital transformation that EU governments and institutions “unanimously agree is vital for the future competitiveness of Europe, in both large and small businesses”.

Néstor Salceda, from the Sysdig company, who won the prize for the best LibreCon technical talk, explained how to implement security in container environments using open source software. Security is a key aspect to keep in mind for organizations adopting technologies like Docker and Kubernetes. Securing the platform is a process spanning from initial development stages to systems in production, something we understand well in BBVA API_Market, since we work with these two technologies.

All of this took place before a packed house at the Palacio Euskalduna conference center, where, along with our colleagues and the other two speakers already mentioned, others top notch speakers included living legends of free software, such as Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation. By the way, LibreCon, although organized by ESLE (the Basque Association of Free Technology and Open Knowledge Companies) and its Spanish national equivalent, ASOLIF, the event is powered by CEBIT, the world’s most important new technologies fair, held in the German city of Hannover.




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