What do large companies think about the work of developers?

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Digital transformation / 10 November 2015
What do large companies think about the work of developers?
What do large companies think about the work of developers?


Working with data

There are two types of business opportunities: internally improving the organization's operation and doing new things for society and for users. In this regard, what is being sought is developers who work on projects to optimize different processes in a company.

In this interview, Richard Benjamins, BI & Big Data director at Telefónica, stresses that developers should look for hundreds of success stories where the organization of those processes with the help of Big Data achieves significant savings, as well as new sources of revenue.

Benjamins recommends that developers should not overlook small and medium-sized companies because, even though they don't have a large budget for the infrastructure, they are also a place to look for ways of boosting the optimization of their processes through cloud tools, for example.

Multidisciplinary teams

Google has an approach designed for developers: reusing the code and connecting high-level services and Google Apps, using Apps Scripts. Andrés Martínez, manager of the developer program of Google Spain, says that this is also why they have driven the use of open source tools so developers can know and learn.

Martínez recommends that small and medium-sized companies should resort to multidisciplinary teams to create more innovative solutions. And this is where developers come into play to boost the digitization of SMEs. It is a very important niche for launching new applications that provide this kind of solutions.

One of the practices that has been implemented using this approach is the InnovaApps+ contest launched jointly by BBVA and Google.

Open innovation model

Active participation within the innovation ecosystem is one of the pillars on which this model is based and which BBVA is committed to. Raúl Romero, Strategic Planning and Innovation manager at BBVA Colombia, says in this interview that the goal is to improve the development of new technologies and new business models with the feedback of the community to drive digital transformation with the help of third parties.

“We are interested in all the startups that are developing, particularly, financial solutions to co-create together and revolutionize the financial sector”.

Mobile first

Although it may seem trite, Sebastián Muriel, Operations general manager at Tuenti, tells us in this interview how a company like his is shifting its focus from technological development to the world of smartphones. In his opinion, if the strategy is to put the customer at the core of business, customers are using and prioritizing their cell phones.

And this is the fourth clue we give you in this compilation: thinking about optimization, about multidisciplinary teams, about open collaboration and collaboration with third parties, but without losing sight of the cell phone.

Muriel points out that in purely technological companies, even if their DNA does not change, one should be versatile enough to expand our profile with the ability to solve problems and offer more innovative solutions that adapt to digital transformation. “We need to be alert and understand the business in view of these changes”.

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