What is a full-stack developer?

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Developers / 01 October 2014
What is a full-stack developer?
What is a full-stack developer?


Usually companies require a full-stack developer when they are looking for a technical person, usually a computer programmer, who knows well and is familiar with all front-end and back-end facets and the different operating systems and components that are in the midst of such boundaries.

Currently, it appears that the demand for programmers with these characteristics is a growing trend when recruiting, especially in technology companies conceived as startups because it has few people as it is starting out and it usually has few resources to contract development, its components must be able to take on different types of tasks and be prepared to at least not handle but know the different technical parts of the project. In fact, it has been said that companies such as Facebook only hire programmers with this type of profile lately.

Trying to establish relationships with other positions and concepts, in most cases a full-stack developer is a senior programmer, with a certain amount of experience, as the profile requires knowledge from many fields.  Laurence Gellert was the first to “speak up” about this kind of professional, in his blog back in mid-2012. In the post he talks about how he sees this profile and the layers that a full stack developer must cover, demonstrating knowledge of servers, networks, data modeling, APIs, UI and UX and a good understanding of the needs of the customer or consumer, among others.

In short, a full-stack developer is a programmer with a very complete technical profile who knows both the back-end and front-end aspect well, is comfortable with systems and knows how to understand. This is an increasingly demanded and well-paid profile. According to Indeed, the average global salary of a full-stack developer for large companies is close to €100,000.


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