Yes, the cloud can also fail

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Yes, the cloud can also fail
Yes, the cloud can also fail


The cloud has a growing number of followers because it stores huge volumes of data that can be shared easily and, also, it is very secure. But despite the fact that security is one of its great advantages, the cloud can also fail.

The 4 causes that can leave you without data

1. Server failure: All the date we store in the cloud is hosted on servers owned by companies that offer this online storage service. Although these servers are highly secure, they can fail and, therefore, their clients lose all the information stored. The best way to prevent this? To make two backup copies in two different clouds, or use external memory to store a copy and save the other in the cloud.

2. Cyberattacks: It is very difficult for a personal computer or a small business to be targeted by this kind of attack. But large companies have to pay much attention to prevent this kind of crime, because they are the perfect target for computer hackers . Security breaches are quite common. Sometimes they copy their data to steal it, and sometimes to delete it. To prevent this inconvenience there are two good options: to encrypt the data or use two-factor authentication. The latter guarantees that users are who they claim to be, and are required to identify themselves with a combination of password or PIN, smart card or token and biometrics. 

3. Adverse weather conditions: Companies can take many safety measures, but they can never control the weather. Google experienced last year the havoc that a storm can cause. The technology giant lost the data of some of its clients who had it hosted in the cloud. Lightening struck four times near its data center in Belgium and caused this disaster.

4. Malware and password theft: It is very difficult for a user to be the victim of a cyberattack. But when a computer is attacked by malware, it is applied to all the code or computer programs with the aim of harming a system or causing it to malfunction. It can also happen that a password is stolen or lost, and the user ends up losing everything stored in the cloud. To prevent this kind of trouble it is essential to change the password relatively often, have a good antivirus program, not use the same password for everything and make backup copies of the data in different places. 


Source: Cloud Computing

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