Now, paying for services is much easier

Millions of customers use BBVA Collections every month. This API will allow you to enhance the experience for your customers and collaborators by incorporating the "feature" of payment of services and institutions within your physical or digital channels.

Digital Ecosystems

Get to know everything about Collections

Added value for you and your customers

The objective of the Collections API is to allow your customers to pay for their services in all your channels.

Through this highly technological service, you will be able to be more competitive in the market and increase traffic on your physical and digital channels with a new service that saves your customers time.

In practice, we provide you with

  • Fast connection for digital and physical channels nationwide.
  • API available 24×7, backed by global BBVA technology.
  • Streamline your processes with automatic daily reconciliation.

What Collections offers you

Enjoy all the benefits of the BBVA Collections API

Increased transaction volume across your channels

Monetize your physical and digital channels with a wider variety of payment options to make it easier for your end customers.

Access to the country’s largest collection catalog

We have the largest portfolio of Collection Companies in the country in Categories such as: Telecommunications, Basic Services, Education, Taxes and more.

Customize your collection according to your needs

Our API is easily incorporated into the journey that your company designs.

Services at your fingertips

The Collections API offers:


Make it easy for your customers to check their pending payments from your own channels.

Ease of payment

Allow your customers to pay for the services consulted from your systems


Reconciles payments made during the day to keep cash management up to date

How does it work?

The Collections API can be used by any company that complies with BBVA’s validations and has the capacity to integrate it into its platforms.

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"With this API we positively impact the development of the country’s collections and payments ecosystems, bringing our business customers closer to their own customers. In this way, we collaborate with the optimization of their financial cycle, ensuring an excellent collection and reconciliation experience."

Alejandro Chiaradia

Head of Enterprise & Sustainability

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